Filter Press

BIAS FILTER PRESSES, which can easily work with other CNC machines in closed factories in oil filter manufacturing where the press weight and robust structure gain importance; With its flywheel structure, ram design, smaller motor usage and low energy consumption, unlike standard servo presses, it provides energy savings that cannot be compared with eccentric and hydraulic presses.

Multi-servo presses can produce filter housings of different sizes (same diameters) in the same press, thanks to their ability to have different regulation settings (without changing the mould).

It also presses oil filter housings of different diameters and sizes with different molds.

Multi-servo presses, which have the ability to press 15 to 18 pieces per minute, give a superior speed to the production lines.

After the blanking process, it performs all tasks of MULTI SERVO FILTER PRESS (with transfer system) by completing the operations such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, if necessary, 4th drawing.

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