Quality Policy & Certificates

Our quality policy is to be an exemplary press manufacturer with the quality of the presses we produce, the support we always give to our customers after service, and the continuous improvement of our product service quality.

Our goal is to become a multi-servo press manufacturer and an international brand known for its technology and quality. Being aware of this, in line with international standards, to create a corporate culture based on the participation of all our employees and to adopt the understanding of the customer as our primary philosophy, to act in accordance with the country's conditions, following the latest and most modern technology, smiling and observing all the rights of our customers.

  • To maintain the policy of continuous improvement and development
  • Acting by considering possible risks; make an effort to eliminate them and do what is necessary
  • To have a good reputation in the world market with the right planning and implementation, by making the right controls, taking the necessary precautions and establishing the quality management system according to international norms.
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by complying with laws and standards
  • Adopting the principle of preventing mistakes and learning from each mistake, to achieve the desired quality level and to use all kinds of resources and mechanisms in order to achieve this.
  • Strive for complete and satisfactory production and full efficiency
  • Supporting the regular training of employees within the framework of a corporate culture
  • Caring about employee satisfaction within the framework of a corporate culture