Human Resources

BİAS MACHINERY Co. as a press manufacturer, is a company that is known for its innovation and unique technology in its sector, growing and developing day by day.

The principles of our company is to move our name forward by increasing our brand value and awareness in national and international markets, together with our employees. One of our goals is to contribute to the work of our staff, with better conditions and opportunities; To create a corporate culture in which quality, developing, forward-looking, self-investing, friendly service understanding is also considered and adopted by our company personnel.

Our Principles;

  • Enabling our employees to work more effectively by taking actions to increase their motivation
  • By providing our employees with the desired working environment, ensuring that they come to work with pleasure and always helping and leading them to adopt the job.,
  • A clear management policy,
  • Contributing to the personal and professional development of our employees and enabling them to closely follow the technology.,
  • Helping our employees with their career planning, creating opportunities for the applicability of this plan,
  • Evaluating their performance with objective criteria and giving them what they deserve,
  • Emphasizing the importance of Occupational Health and Safety, explaining that it is one of the main elements of the system, and giving them the opportunity to ensure their own safety, both by our company and by themselves.
  • Planning and implementing our social responsibility activities with our staff,
  • To make continuous improvement in our Human Resources department; is to constantly review and improve.
Please send your CVs to [email protected]e-mail address to join our family.