Fire Extinguisher Press

Our presses, which appeal to fire tube manufacturers, are used by companies that produce fire extinguishers in different sizes and weights. It is used in household fire extinguishers, vehicle type fire extinguishers, industrial type fire extinguishers used in the workplace or larger. They are deep drawing presses that can easily produce fire tubes weighing 1 kg, 2 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg and lengths between 180mm-500mm.

Multi servo presses have the ability to produce more fire tube bodies 8-12 pieces per minute.

Multi servo presses; With its stroke adjustment, gripping system capabilities, mold adaptation feature, mold-press efficient working activities, width of mold memory, single stroke-continuous stroke press feature, it surpasses conventional presses.

In servo presses where high rated tonnage, adjustable stroke, stroke adjustment distance are important, by using these advantages; BIAS MULTI SERVO PRESSES are more advantageous than eccentric and hydraulic presses

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