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6.300 KN Capacity Multi Servo Press
Panel Radiator Industry / Outer Panel Production

Bolster Size: 1600 x 1200 mm
Full Automatic Stroke Adjustment: 70-80 mm
Speed Adjustment: 40-80 spm

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Disc Cutting Press

- Press Capacity 3000 KN
- 20-50 spm
- 4 connecting rods
- Full Automatic Stroke Adjustment 90-160 mm

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5.000 KN Capacity Multi Servo Press
Automotive Industry / Prograsive Die

Moving Bolster: 3000 x 1500 mm
Full Automatic Stroke Adjustment 120-360 mm
Speed Adjustment: 20-50 spm

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Best solutions to your stamping problems with
Multi Servo Press & Moduler Transfer System

Bias Engineering, produce and design servo presses and transfer systems according to customer requirements. Using specialist staff and engineering infrastructure, special loading and unloading robots, 2 or 3 axis transfer arms to its customers through all the simulation work necessary to transfer die design consultancy offers turnkey lines.

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Multiple operation with one press

- Powerfull and skilled
- Various programmable slide motion
- High tonnage rating point
- High press speed
- Stepless variable stroke
- Stepped pressing (BDC change during pressing)
- High working energy
- Double action from top
- Unique press mechanism (Hybrid)
- Suitable complex and precise operation
- Suitable body structure for transfer system

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